May 03 2016

KDSPY – The Ultimate Amazon Kindle Spy Tool

“New Unique Software Application ‘Reverse Engineers’ The Kindle

Marketplace & Reveals Lucrative Kindle Niches – In Seconds!”


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“This Tool is Freaking Awesome…”

“After seeing a review copy of KDSPY, Wesley, I just had to drop everything and send this email to you. You’ve outdone yourself here. This tool is freaking awesome. I love how it’s integrated into the browser so I don’t have to remember to use any software on my computer. I’ve always preferred doing my research ON Amazon, and now I have an assistant with me to tell me what I need to know in seconds. My research used to take hours, not anymore. With one click I can understand the landscape in any category in a matter of seconds … and then, a book topic idea is given based on the best selling books in that category. All this … and I’m only 10 seconds in. I’m blown away. Can’t wait to see what else you come out with if this is the sort of software you produce.”

Tim Castleman
3x Best Selling Author

“It gets better with each version …”

“This levels the playing field in so many ways…”

Introducing KDSPY v4

The Fastest, Most Accurate Way To Identify ‘Bestselling Kindle Niches’

‘Reverse Engineer’ The Kindle Categories In Seconds To Find Your Next ‘Bestselling‘ Book Idea. Here’s How:

Reverse Engineer The‘Best-Selling’ Categories With A Single Click

Browse any category in the Amazon Kindle marketplace and in the background, KDSPY will ‘automatically’ reverse engineer the best sellers. When you want more information about a Kindle category, just click on KDSPY and in mere seconds, you’ll know the landscape of that category and the potential profit you could make here, along with a breakdown of each individual books performance. Don’t forget to check the SEO costs for your future business at

Another Click Tells You‘Exactly’ What Your Next Book Topic Should Be

Once you’ve gathered data for the category you’re interested in … another click will give you a word cloud that calculates all of the words that the best selling books use in their titles. What better way to find best selling niches and get ideas for your next book than by modelling what’s already working for other kindle publishers. KDSPY tells you the best selling niches to go after, and even shows you the words to use in your book titles…

Analyse “Niche Potential”With The Kindle Search Results Analysis Feature

Once KDSPY spits out your next “best selling” book idea, why not run a few searches on Amazon around that niche and add a 2nd layer of confidence before you commit. Doany search in the Amazon Kindle Store and KDSPY will instantly tell you the potential in that niche. It doesn’t get any quicker than this to research niche markets…

Spy On Self Published Authors & Swipe Their‘Best-Selling’ Topics

Ever wondered how much money other self published authors are making? Wonder no more. KDSPY will analyse any author page and tell you in seconds all their statistics. Just a single click will tell you the best seller rank of all their kindle books, along with the estimated sales and revenues per month and even the total sales revenue of all their books combined.

Track Your Competitors Book(s) PerformanceDaily Over 30 Days

Want to make sure the book topic you’ve chosen is a sure-fire winner? Well, just like with a website where you’d track the effectiveness of your competitors in the search engines, monitor their banner ads or their PPC ads, with KDSPY, you can keep an eye on as many Kindle eBooks as you’d like with our book tracking feature which pulls the SalesRankfor all your tracked books everyday and displays their rank in chart form.

KDSPY v4 Now Supports Amazon Data From:

“My Most Valuable Software…

“KDSPY is hands-down the most valuable software I have right now for my kindle business. I have been publishing books on Amazon for since last fall, but things never really took off until I started using Kindle Spy. This software made it so easy for me to quickly see profitable niche markets in my areas of interest and now nearly every book I publish is a bestseller! In the next few months, I will be making enough money to finally quit my day job – yahoo!I actually use KDSPY for more than just finding profitable niches to write books on. I also use it to follow my own books. I use it to see, at a glance, how my own books are doing, so that I can gear my marketing efforts towards the ones that need it, with the right social marketing media to promote different businesses. Honestly, as a publisher, writer, and business owner, KDSPY is the first thing I check every morning and the last thing I check every night.”

Barb Asselin
Self Published Author

KDSPY Cut’s Out All The Legwork …”

I am quite new to Kindle and found it quite difficult to understand how to do proper research and understand what categories to focus my energy in. KDSPY cuts out all the legwork and in a matter of seconds you get a complete and detailed spreadsheet with upto the minute average sales revenue, amazon best sellers rank, number of reviews and total revenue for your chosen niche. Its invaluable and certainly opened my eyes to the untapped potentialawaiting kindle publishers. Another plus is the “word cloud” feature of the top keyword in the titles per niche. That alone is a goldmine and we all know the power of a popular eye catching title! However, despite all these features and benefits, Wesley’s constant hands-on backup support in answering any queries I had about using KDSPY and his willingness to listen to feedback sets this product apart from others I have brought. If you are looking to grow and rapidly expand your Kindle publishing empire, KDSPY will get you there faster.

Ntathu Allen
Self Published Author

“So Impressed With KDSPY”

I’ve been publishing on Kindle for around 18 months. I’m now consistently earning between $8-10k per month for the last 3-4 months. If it wasn’t for KDSPY, I don’t know how else I’d be able to find all these profitable niches. I love the bonuses you offer too, especially the Excel ROI tracking spreadsheet that allows us to keep track of the profitability of our books. Thanks so much.

Sean Stewart
Self Published Author


Your purchase is 100% RISK FREE! If you’re not happy with KDSPY v4 for any reason whatsoever within 60 days, simply let our friendly support team know and we’ll refund every penny of your investment, no questions asked.

…no hassle & no hoops to jump through!

“You’ve really created a fantastic tool!”

“This levels the playing field in so many ways!”

“Started finding great niches right away!”

“KS4 is a remarkable piece of work!”

“The search facility is hugely time saving!”

Incredible Feedback On The Original Version

Here’s some unsolicited Facebook comments & emails from our early beta testers of V1.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions…

Does KDSPY work on Mac and PC?question

Yes. KDSPY is a Chrome Browser extension that is compatible with both PC & Mac. And the good news is, installation takes less than 4 seconds no matter what computer you’re using – seriously!

Can the results be exported?question

Yes. Absolutely. Every last piece of data that KDSPY pulls can be exported. KDSPY will analyse 100 book results and give you an export of the results in under 29 seconds. But that’s not all. KDSPY will also allow you to export the word cloud results to help you laser target your niche and potential title, other mehtods to have a good marketing is with Youtube views, that you can easily with the help of sites as Confused? See the videos at the bottom of this page.

Does this work internationally?question

Yes and No. Let me explain. KDSPY was originally created to only pull results from the largest Amazon marketplace, and that is the US. However, due to popular demand, KDSPY has NOW been opened up to allow results to be pulled from the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. If I get enough requests, I will also consider opening this up for other countries too.

Do I get future updates to KDSPY?question

Yes. If you lock yourself in today for the insane price of $47 – that’s all you will ever pay. You will get ALL future updates to the software for life. And I plan on making a lot of updates based on user feedback. Heck, we’ve made 12 killer improvements since this was originally released in July 2014.

Does this work for fiction authors too?question

KDSPY was originally created for my own “non-fiction” publishing business as the main benefit comes from identifying patterns from the best sellers. However, being able to research multiple fiction categories with the speed of KDSPY will save you countless hours of research time when trying to see which genres may be the most profitable to enter.

Does this work on any browser?question

KDSPY is programmed to work on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Due to the declining popularity of other browsers it will unlikely be supported on any others in the future.


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Oct 24 2012

Market your site online

How do you market your business online?

What does it take to market your business online? Without waiting years and years to move up the rankings on Google’s SERPs, how can an entrepreneur get the proverbial word out? There are definitely some ways to market your business that will offer a better return on the investment of your time than others. Some will take weeks to pan out; while others will take months and years.

No matter what method you choose for marketing your business on the web, as long as you ensure that you’re adding value along the way, and you’re implementing the proper set of marketing habits, you’ll eventually reap the rewards of your work over time. It won’t happen overnight. But then again, nothing worthwhile ever does, sometimes you could use a Phoenix SEO company with proven results to help with this. Below you’ll find some the best methods — in both the short and long term — for driving that all-important traffic to your site and pages online.

1. Create a blog and post high-quality content regularly.

Clearly, the most important way you can market your business online is to build a blog where you can post and share high-quality content that adds an exceeding high amount of value on a regular basis. This is definitely a very long-term strategy, and it won’t pay off overnight, but every entrepreneur needs to understand the importance of embracing this online marketing method. Remember to write something related on your blog about your page, for example if you are running a site about exercise and sports, create posts about the best gear or clothing athletes can wear like a pair of compression socks men.

Not only does building a noteworthy blog in any industry or niche help to drive traffic by peaking the interest of Google, but it also leads to creating authority. If you can become an authority in your industry, you’ll garner the attention of consumers, the media and business owners alike. That, in turn, will snowball, build more authority, and eventually, enormous amounts of visibility and sales.

2. Market your content on Medium and Quora.

If you’re looking to get some early traffic, and you have a fairly new domain — less than 2 years old with little authority built up — you should work on marketing your content on sites like Medium and Quora. How does it work? Write one high-quality piece of content on your website. Make sure it’s keyword-centric, insightful, unique and adds a lot of value. Ensure that whatever you’re talking about helps people in some way, shape or form.

Once you’ve done that, write another article on a site like Medium or Quora, also making sure that it’s keyword-centric, insightful, unique and adds a lot of value. Create one link from that article using a primary or relevant keyword back to the main article on your site or blog. This is called content marketing, and it’s the most powerful method for gaining traction on Google’s SERPs, while also reaching large existing audiences through these authority sites as well.

3. Connect with others on LinkedIn groups.

LinkedIn groups are a great way for quickly connecting with others in your industry or niche to help spread your message. You can promote your content through LinkedIn groups as long as you don’t come across as spammy. It’s best to add value to a conversation or discussion before trying to drop your links.

LInkedIn groups are also a great way of contacting people who you might not have mutual connections with. You can message any other member in the group without being connected, which can become a huge asset depending on the particular circumstances, you can also look for more information and  just check out the DesignRush directory to find more connections and digital agencies to seek for advise. Share updates often in the group, and be sure to stay in the spotlight without oversharing.

4. Use Facebook ads and strategically-targeted landing pages.

Facebook ads, while not free, offer a great opportunity for reaching the right demographics for your business. As long as you know your customer well, you can use metrics like interests, geographic location, marital status, age and many others, to locate potential consumers to send to strategically-targeted landing pages, also known as squeeze pages.

Experiment with micro-spends to see which ad copy and squeeze page receives the best responses for dropping consumers into your sales funnel. It might take a considerable amount of time to find the right mixture or recipe when it comes to advertising on a platform like Facebook, but once your campaign is profitable, all you need to do is continue to scale.

5. Leverage the power of Instagram influencers.

Today, with the ever-pervading power of social media, you can instantly reach droves of people from across the world at a moment’s notice. But we also know that algorithms and visibility are working against us, especially when we don’t have the reach of hundreds of thousands or millions of followers.

To reach those people, we need amplifiers, power users and influencers to help spread our messages. While this won’t be free, it will give you instant access to a wide audience in your specific niche as long as you select the right Instagram influencer to help spread your message.

Related: 10 Online Marketers to Follow For Inspiration and Growth

6. Create useful video tutorials on YouTube.

YouTube offers a great resource for marketing your business on the web. While you might find some friction at the outset for building your audience, if you focus on creating useful video tutorials, eventually, you’ll reach a vast amount of people. Again, you have to focus on adding value without much concern for generating profit.

YouTube is a great resource for tutorials because you can teach people just about anything in an easy-to-understand format. Whether you’re screen-sharing to teach a digital skill, or you’re capturing something in the real world, just ensure that the quality of the recording and the overall content is high. Also, be sure to drop a link inside the description back to relevant content on your site.

7. Develop a relationship with your customers through email marketing.

Email marketing is something that every business owner should be engaged in, but it’s no easy feat. To succeed with email marketing, you need to give something away for free in exchange for the consumer’s email address. It needs to be something of value. If you are serious about collecting emails, take the time to create a free report or ebook that will help people in your industry or niche. Then, develop a relationship with that consumer through drip-fed campaigns using a system like Aweber, Get Response, Constant Contact or Mailchimp. However, don’t try to sell at every corner and turn. Connect first, then focus on selling.

8. Use Angie’s List or TripAdvisor.

Sites like Angie’s List and TripAdvisor offer an avenue for just about any business to reach an enormous audience of potential consumers. These sites are a great resource for finding any local business, giving you the opportunity to have consumers leave reviews based on their experiences with your company.

If you’re selling services, try Angie’s List. If you’re in a travel-related field, why not list on TripAdvisor? Not only are these links good for SEO, but you’ll also gain access to a large audience of consumers that are looking for products or services in your industry or niche. Take the time to create a good listing, and drive customers there to post authentic reviews based on their experiences with you.

9. Build consumer trust on platforms like Yelp and Trust Pilot.

One of the barriers holding back business owners and professionals alike is that of trust. People are reluctant to trust businesses that they don’t have direct knowledge of or know someone who’s worked with them. Clearly, sites like Yelp can assist with that, but so can a site like Trust Pilot.

Trust Pilot and Yelp are specifically dedicated to helping consumers find the right company to work with, and it increases transparency by providing past customers’ experiences with the company. These sites are the largest in the world for online reviews and should be leveraged to help build trust with potential consumers.

10. Utilize rich snippets, AMP and FBIA.

If you’re looking to gain a bit of traction with your content, you can utilize rich snippets, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) or Facebook Instant Articles (FBIA) to aid in some early exposure. Rich snippets apply to a number of content forms including articles via the AMP specification, local businesses, music, recipes, reviews, TV, movies and videos.

There are WordPress plugins you can use for rich snippets via’s specifications, along with plugins for both AMP and FBIA. Considering the recent focus on mobile by Google and Facebook, for example, having AMP and FBIA articles will give you a small advantage over those who don’t, increasing your visibility on SERPs and in newsfeeds.

11. Collaborate with popular bloggers in your niche.

Reaching out to to popular bloggers in your niche might be an effective way to market your business online, especially if you have something of value to add to one of their posts. If you find a popular blogger who often writes about a particular subject that directly correlates to your line of work, why not reach out and look for ways to collaborate?

A great way to make this happen is to offer your services as a guest blogger. Clearly, you’ll have to have a good background in writing yourself, and it might be difficult to find a popular blog willing to allow you to do this, but it would be worth a shot if you eventually secure a guest post.

12. Regularly contribute on industry-specific forums.

Many people have the whole forum-strategy posting for SEO all wrong. They get out there and drop spammy links, and they wonder why they’re booted off the forums. You can’t do that. If you’re serious about marketing your business online, when you do find an industry-specific forum, join conversations and add value before you try to link-drop.

No one likes a person who comes in as a new guest to a forum and begins spamming links. Again, you have to think about doing the most amount of work for the least initial return. Add value. Chat with others. Make suggestions. Answer questions. Just don’t spam links. Add your link to your signature after a few posts or after the rules of the forum allow you to do so, but don’t try to direct people to your site at every bend and turn. It won’t work out well for you if you do that.

Feb 03 2011

Health and productivity

Your waistline isn’t the only problem when it comes to poor eating and exercise habits. Research has proven that bad habits like these can also lead to a sharp decrease in productivity.

Your brain, the productivity supercenter, is a hungry organ. The brain’s cells require double the amount of energy than any other cells in the body. Its energy levels must be kept high enough to work efficiently all day long – anything less can cause mental stress and exhaustion.

A study conducted by the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), Brigham Young University and the Center for Health Research at Healthways found that workers who ate healthily and exercised regularly were absent less frequently and showed better performance in the workplace.

Let’s move past all the clichés about exercise and nutrition. How exactly does what we eat contribute to productivity? Allow the beauty of science to explain:

How Healthy Eating Boosts Brain Power
Gasoline is the fuel that powers a car. What’s our fuel? It’s glucose!

Most of what we eat gets turned into glucose, which in turn powers our brains. The ingredients of food get broken down and enter our bloodstream. Some of these elements make it up to the brain, and it’s important to know which ones will help us gain or lose focus. Why?

Our diet controls how much glucose flows to our brain. Certain foods can either release glucose quickly or slowly, and this correlates with amounts of productivity. A donut, for example, causes glucose to be released quickly, but that gives you only about 20 minutes of alertness. After that, you’ll be unfocused again because you burned through all your fuel.

On the contrary, a bowl of oats will cause glucose to be released slowly, and you guessed it – you’ll have a longer span and higher level of productivity, specially if you take ingredient science keto supplements along with your meal.

So now that you’ve had a speedy crash course on how food affects productivity, here’s a surprising fact: the context of your eating habits can also affect your productivity.

When and where you’re hungry, as well as who you’re with, can change how you eat. Consider these three situations:

When: If you skip breakfast, chances are you’re ruining your productivity. Think about when you were a cranky kid without your morning snack.
Where: Ever pass by several fast food places while you’re hungry and caved in? You probably have at least once.
Who: Eric Barker, a popular productivity blogger, says if you eat with overweight people, or are presented with a wide variety of food, you’ll eat more.
How Exercise Boosts Brain Power
Hold up! Food isn’t the only way we can become more productive. As the HERO organization showed earlier, regular exercise can also be another power source for our brains.

To prove this, University of Minnesota professor Avner Ben-Ner conducted a study among 400 employees who set out to answer the question: What would happen if the employees worked while walking on treadmills?

Not only did work performance increase, but walking and working had a positive effect on physical activity. Ben-Ner stated that on average, participants burned 63 more calories than usual from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 21 more calories than usual from 5 to 11 p.m.

Now, does this mean all workplaces are going to install treadmills and force you to exercise? Of course not. But this study does show that exercise does in fact increase productivity, so even if is walking or training at home with an URBNFIT balance disc could help your performance.

LIVESTRONG rounds out this idea, saying exercise increases blood flow to the brain, which can sharpen your awareness. Exercise also gives you more energy, so you feel more awake at work.